Sturminster Marshall

Sturminster Marshall Pre-School

Snack Time

Halfway through the morning and afternoon session children wash their hands and come together for a snack.

We provide milk (semi-skimmed) and water in jugs so the children can gain independence by pouring their own drinks. Adults will support the children with this. 

The children use tongs to take food to their own plate.

Allergies and food intolerances are clearly displayed and new staff made aware.  All dietary needs are catered for whether medical, cultural or personal choice. 

Typical, 3 or 4 items will be offered from the following list.  The daily snack is displayed in the foyer,

Fruit/ Vegetable

Apple Satsuma Banana Tomato

Grapes Strawberries Melon Pepper

Raisins Dried apricots Carrot Cucumber


Toast Sandwich  Bread Roll Tortilla

Cracker Bread Stick Rice Cake Crumpets

Pitta Naan Croissant Plain biscuit


Cheeses Cheese spread Marmite

Jam Dip Houmous

When the children have a cooking activity, where possible they will have this for snack.  Example may be fairy cakes, pizza rolls, marmite swirls, and cheese straws.  The children often make their own snack such as sandwiches and rolls.

We encourage the children