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Sturminster Marshall Pre-School

Tapestry, Book Club, Keyperson & Facebook


As part of our continuous improvement as a setting we now use an online system called Tapestry to record your child’s progress, learning and development. The system has been developed by the Foundation Stage Forum and has many users throughout Preschool, Nursery and School settings across the country, complying with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. Please ask if you require more information on the security of the company and system.

Practitioners have a personal login by email, password and PIN code for the site and to access the children’s accounts. One advantage is that we can also set up parent access and you can contribute to your child’s learning journey, progress, activities and fun! This can be accessed from a home computer, laptop, tablet and some phones. If you do not have access to email, access can be arranged from Preschool equipment. We will continue to keep a file of your child’s work during their time at the setting which you will receive when your child leaves.

Learning activities


Each child will be assigned a key person who is a named practitioner who has responsibilities for children to help them feel safe and secure. The role is important for both children and parents and it is an approach set out in the EYFS. A key person will also be a point of contact for parents.

Book Club

The Pre-School children have the opportunity to choose a book from our book club. The children will choose a book and take it home. This should be returned on that day a week later when another book will be chosen. We hope that this will encourage children to talk about the pictures and enjoy looking at books.

Book Club

Closed Facebook Group

Parents are invited to join our closed Facebook group which is used to share messages and information. This works alongside tapestry to ensure all parents can access information.