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Sturminster Marshall Pre-School

Welcome to Pre-school

Sturminster Marshall Preschool is a prefabricated building, purpose built in 2011.  It is situated in the secure grounds of the first school, at the rear of the playground area.  Our own space is fenced and gated giving a safe area for children to play.  Our outside area is divided into two, one with tarmac and a sheltered area and the other is grass with covered sandpit, play house and growing area. 

Indoors we have a large playroom which is often changed to reflect the needs and interests of the children. It is divided into areas such as a book corner or Playdough table.  These resources are changed on planning and also by the children as most resources are available for the children to choose from as they please.  This allows for self chosen play where children become fully engaged with both the resources and their peers.

We plan following the early years curriculum, to ensure that all areas of learning are being covered. Every child is important to us and we tailor our planning for each individual child, knowing that they all develop at their own rate.  

We have a core team of five members of staff providing consistency and security for both parents and children. With an open door policy someone is always there for you if you have concerns or would like to discuss anything.

At Sturminster Marshall Preschool we offer a flexible service for parents where possible as we appreciate the difficult that may occur with work or other appointments.   If there is availability we are more than happy to help.

Pre School

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Examples of what we provide:

Construction: Lego, duplo, junk modelling, large and small bricks, Intrastar, hammers and tacks.

Small world play:  cars, trains, shop play, dolls, puppets

Role play: Shops, cafes, vets, doctors ,emergency services, super heroes

Water and sand:  Sieves, buckets, spades, spoons, funnels, colour, bubbles, jelly beads,

Malleable materials: Playdough, shaving foam, paints, porridge, ice, gloop.

Writing area:  Pens, pencils, crayons, chalks, clip boards, note pads, colouring, blackboard,

ICT: Tablets, PC, beebot, sound discs, telephones, calculator

Numeracy: Number puzzles, 2D and 3D shapes, Numicon, matching counters

Reading area: large library of books.  Traditional stories, stories from far and wide, rhyming, modern classics, science and non- fiction. 

Creative area: Glue, Scissors, Lolly sticks, shapes, leaves, pom poms, collage materials, a wide variety of resources to choose from.